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Mappa della Real Chiesa

The chapel of the Annunciation

The marble group with the Virgin and the Angel Gabriel is the work of Giuseppe Maria Carlone, while the table of the altar was done later and finished in 1794.

The small angels on the top sing happily holding a scroll, on the key of vault of the big archway the script: “AVE GRATIA PLENA”.

On the sides of the big archway in putty there are two angels. On the right one is holding the crescent moon - it was believed that women could become pregnant only during this moon fase; thus, to firmly show the two natures of Jesus: true God and true man, undergoing human laws.

On the sides of the chapel the statues help you to reflect on the sacred effect with precise witnesses: on the left Saint Maurizio, roman martyr in the year 286 in Savoy and protector of the Savoy Family; on the right Saint Agnese, in III century, humble servant of God who at the age of twelve was beheaded to defend her virginity.