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Mappa della Real Chiesa


The Deacon Lawrence, is shown with the instuments of his martyrdom (piece of work by Antonio Franceschini –end of XVII) of Spanish birth, was Pope Sisto II treasurer, called by the Roman Emperor Valeriano in order to surrender all the treasure of the church. According to tradition three days later, Lawrence came before the Emperor with the crippled, limp and blind people of Rome affirming that those were the real treasure of the Church. The Emperor thought that it was an offence; so he ordered that Lawrence should be put to death. The legend tells us that he was put on a burning grill,and while burning he asked to be turned over in order to cook better.

The frontal of the altar, is a piece of work by Tantardini showing the vow made by Emanuele Filiberto to Saint Lawrence during the battle of S.Quintino in the Flanders, on the 10th August 1557 (feastday of the Saint)

The tabernacle,the ciborium,the small throne are of harmonic marble and golden bronze masterpiece spangled with precious stones:agate,jaspers,lapis lazuli,onix and granite. At the sides of the altar two doors of the 16th century called “turchine”, carved from golden wood, placed there by King Carlo Felice in the year 1828.

On the turft that unites the presbitery to the bottom of the dome, THE four Cardinal Virtues are represented:Prudence, with a mirror and a caduceus; Justice, with a balance and a sword; Fortress, with a sceptre and an armour;Temperance,pouring water from a jar to another.

Above the external archway two golden angels dominate and introduce to the presbitery and allude to the martyrdom of saint Lawrence represented on the frontal of the altar:on the left an angel with a crown of bay, the Glory of God;on the right, an angel with the palm of martydom.

In the centre of the triumphal arch you can read a scroll: D.O.M. EMANUEL PHILIBERTUS VOVIT, MARIA JO. BAPTISTA A SABAUDIA PERFECIT, CAROLUS FELIX RESTITUIT (Almighty God, Massimo Emanuele Filiberto made a vow in 1557.Maria Giovanna Battista (Nemour) Savoy ( widow of Carlo Emanuele II) accomplished the vow in 1680. Carlo Felice restored and gave to it the dignity of a Church.