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Mappa della Real Chiesa

The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows

The old chapel brings into mind three facts of particular importance.

1.     The vow of the Duke -  Emanuele Filiberto, was the commander of Filipe II of Spain’s the army. On the 10th August, feast of S. Lawrence, the duke won the Battle of S. Quintino in the Flanders gained back Turin. Emanuele Filiberto had made a vow that in case of victory he would build a Church in the Town dedicated to S. Lawrence. He first built an altar to the Saint in the little chapel of Our Lady “ad praesepem” while waiting to fulfil the vow in a more worthy way. In 1572 The church became the Headquarters of the knights of the order of S. Maurizio and Lazzaro, the Great Master Emanuele Filiberto himself.

2.     THE FIRST EXPOSITION OF THE SACRED SHROUD IN TURIN - Saint Charles Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan on the 10th October 1578 came to Turin on a walking pilgrimage to venerate The Shroud (belonging to the Savoy Royal Family which was kept in Chambery), for that occasion it was brought to the Royal chapel of Turin in order to shorten the pilgrimage for the Archbishop of Milan.

3.     INSTALLATION OF THE THEATINES FATHERS on the 8th February 1634 - They were charged to build the new Church of S. Lawrence, for which there already were some projects done by the ducal architects.

On the left of the altar, the royal golden tribune from which the dukes assisted to the religious ceremonies.

With the permission of the Holy See, Bernardo Vittone in the XVIII made a Holy Stairway of 12 steps in front of the altar in memory of the Holy Shroud, people climb it on their knees.