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Mappa della Real Chiesa

The Nativity Chapel

Particularly interesting is the frontal, between the horns of plenty of polychrome marble, there are three embossed metal panels: those on the sides with network of leaves and flowers. In the centre there is a scene showing the death of Saint. Joseph, assisted by Our Lady and Jesus.

The Nativity is a feast of peace, of serenity: over the chapel on the sides of the big entrance archway two angels bring the news: on the left an angel holds a broken bow; on the right an angel holds a quiver with broken arrows. On the cyma over the frontal of the altar, a putty decoration represents the MAIESTAS with Assuption of the VIRGIN in the core of flowers and fruit.

On the side niches you find the statues of S. John the Baptist precursor of The Lord Jesus. On the right Mary Magdalein witness of the most amazing conversion, first eye - witness of the Resurrection.