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Mappa della Real Chiesa

The Chapel of Mary the Immaculate

We are in 1680 (12th May Consecration of the Church, first Mass celebrated by Guarino Guarino himself, two centuries before the proclamation of the dogma of faith (Pio IX on the 8th of December 1854).

Outside, next to the big archway, in the entrance, an angel as a herald brings the great banner: Mary the Immaculate.

The frontal of the altar, work made by the Bolognese painter Domenico Maria Muratori shows the Vergin surrounded by the blessed of the Savoy Family (Amedeo IX, Ludovica – Daughter of Amedeo IX, Umberto III, who lived during XIV – XV century). They have a scroll where we can read the words of blessed Amedeo IX “Observe the law, act according to Justice, love the poor and the Lord will give you peace on earth”.

Bellow an angel offers the small fortified town Turin, to the protection of the Virgin and on the ground lays a crown of the temporary power of the Savoy.

At the foot of the altar on the marble frontal, a wonder in their polycromy, you can notice the coat of arms of the two Savoy houses Ludovica and Maurizio’s a love beyond death.

Next to the chapel on the side niches you find the statues on the left of: S. Francis Xavier, g, Missionary Jesuit for the extreme East; on the right S. Francesca Romana a Mystic (1384 – 1440); bride, mother, widow, religious: who admirably looks after her husband and , as widow enters the religious order of the Oblates of Tordepecchi.

The vault of the chapel has got a hole in the center. A few minutes around midday during the days close to the Spring and Autumn equinox it lights up revealing inside it an affresco showing God the Father with the world in His hand blessing it.

The reflection of light, becomes visible and another affresco over the altar of the Souls of Purgatory, diametrically opposite showing Jesus Christ who is blessing.

Early in the morning during the same period of time of the year this event happens on the other two side altars of the Nativity and of the Crucifix.